• ProForm 925 SpaceSaver® Elliptical

    Are you looking for an elliptical that will give you a total body workout? Don’t worry for your search is over! The ProForm 925 SpaceSaver® Elliptical is here for you! It offers 6 Targeted Cross-Trainer Workouts, 2 workouts that give attention on your upper body, 2 that aim your lower body and 2 that strengthen your body while keeping it toned. In addition, you’ll also get to access 2 Personal Trainer Workouts and 2 Heart Rate Workouts that works by automatically increasing the resistance to help you focus more on your fitness goals.

    You will appreciate the Interactive CrossTrainer™, making it seem like you have your personal trainer at home as it gives you instructions to do different strength-training exercises throughout your cardio workout. These workouts give strength training exercises that can show you how to build muscle while you burn calories.

    Other features of ProForm 925 SpaceSaver® Elliptical include a Dual-Grip EKG™ Heart Rate Monitor to assure you that you can make the most out of your every workout, a clear and easy to read backlit console that keeps you track of your fitness development, and a CoolAire™ Workout Fan for a fresher and more comfortable workout all throughout.

    Fitness is about getting in shape, not getting in your way.  This elliptical has innovative built-in wheels for easy moving of the elliptical from one place to another, and with the FoldAway™ SpaceSaver® Design, it’s perfect for those with limited space at home as pedals can fold up easily while the base slides in to save precious floor space.

    With all of these great features, you have a truly exceptional deal with the ProForm 925 SpaceSaver® Elliptical.

  • ProForm 890 E Elliptical

    Choosing the right elliptical trainer can be a major disaster if you make the wrong choice. With the existing products in the market, how are you going to make sure that you will come up with the right pick? With the ProForm 890 E Elliptical, choosing can be a lot easier.

    The ProForm 890 E primarily boasts its stride length. Stride length is an important feature to an elliptical trainer. It is the basis of the trainer’s abilities to give fuller and more effective workouts. Longer stride lengths can give you fuller courses of motions that will enable you to target many parts of your body. With the 890’s 18” stride length, you are guaranteed that each swing can give you fuller motions.

    To be more successful of your workouts, changing and adjusting resistance must be done. Changing the resistance level can sometimes interrupt your workout or cause you accidents especially if the adjustments are too technical to go over with. With the ProForm 890 E’s 20 Quick Resistance levels, you’ll surely intensify your workout without getting injured.

    The 890 E comes with 14 performance workouts and 6 weight loss programs so you’ll never run out of things to accomplish upon using it. With the array of different programs, visiting the gym and hiring a personal instructor is no longer required. This feature will save you lots of money, time and effort.

    The ProForm 890 E Elliptical gets you entertained when you are on the middle of workout sessions. Its iPod compatibility feature allows you to hook up you favorite music player and listen to your favorite artists while doing serious workouts. Studies show that diverting your attention to music or television while working out increases productivity thus giving you more positive results.

    With all the amazing features and useful programs of the ProForm 890 E Elliptical, you’ll never go wrong. With its sturdy components and unbeatable features, this trainer can give you shocking results in weeks. What are you waiting for? Grab one now and start striding.

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